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Simple Way to Convert PDF to Excel

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular Office Suite used to calculate data with formula and manage many spreadsheets. People used to save their price list or data in Excel spreadsheet but send them in PDF format to prevent the receivers from changing any data. So maybe you've got lots of PDF files from your colleagues or partners, but how to edit price data of some products with price changed without an expensive PDF editor?

It is time-consuming to type the PDF into Excel spreadsheet manually, so how to convert PDF to xls easily? Actually, it is very easy to change PDF to Excel format. On one hand, you can convert PDF to Excel free with online PDF to Excel Converter program like freepdfconvert.com, pdftoexcelonline.com, etc. On the other hand, you can free download a third-party desktop application to your computer to extract Excel from PDF files easily. Here, we could like to take the second method as an example. You can follow the below steps to see how to convert Adobe PDF to Excel with the best PDF to Excel Converter software in details.

Preparation: Get Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter by clicking the below button.

free download to convert from pdf to excel (OS: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7)

Tutorials: How to Convert PDF to Excel Spreadsheet Simply?

Step 1. Install and launch the program on your computer. Then you can import the PDF files you want to convert into the program by clicking "Add Files...". Here, you can import up to 200 files in this program at one time.

how to convert pdf to excel format

Step 2. Click on the "Selected Pages" column beside the selected PDF file, you can customize pages and page ranges from the file to convert. Also you are able to customize the output folder for your converted Excel spreadsheets below the panel.
If you don't want to retain value without formatting, you can click "Options" button to change it.

settings for converting pdf to excel files

Step 3. After the whole settings, you can click "Convert" button and wait for a little while, you will get the Excel sheets as you want.

Bingo! This is the whole settings for converting PDF to Excel spreadsheet. Cool, is it? If you haven't installed this powerful program on your computer, just click the below button to take a free trial and enjoy it from now on.

free download to convert adobe pdf to excel (OS: Windows XP/Vista, Windows 7)

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